CFA SW Region Household Pets
1993-1994 Regional Winners

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  Cat Owner
Best HHP Princess Leah Lolli & Paul Dean
    Seal Point & White Spay  
2nd Best HHP Phoebe Greg & Marilyn Searles
    Tortie & White Spay  
3rd Best HHP Natasha Bill & Linda Martin
     Pewter Tabby Spay  
4th Best HHP Frederic George & Kim Eigenhauser
    Red Tabby Neuter  
5th Best HHP Gus Scott & Deborah Buffaloe & Andrea Maline Glover
    Brown Mackerel Tabby Neuter  
6th Best HHP Cinnabun Lolli & Paul Dean
    Seal Point & White Neuter  
7th Best HHP Tabitha Bill & Linda Martin
    Red Mackerel Tabby & White Spay  
8th Best HHP Betty Boop Susan Martin
    Black & White Spay  
9th Best HHP Sugarpaws Lolli & Paul Dean
    Blue Point & White Neuter  
10th Best HHP Trillian George & Kim Eigenhauser
    Calico Spay  



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